Do you think that parental alienation should be considered abuse?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Has Commissioner Dirk Amara violate your rights?

How Dirk Amara Handled My Child Custody Case:

Placer County Commissioner Dirk Amara has been completely bias. I, Angela Robinson have an ongoing child custody case for eleven years. In 2011 I got a court order to do a change of venue to Placer County where we were put before Dirk Amara.  This was in 2012. Dirk ordered that Jason (The father) and I have Joint custody as described in Family Code Sections 300-3007.
Dirk ordered weekend and Holiday visits as well as two phone calls per week for me. Jason violated all of the court orders. 1) Refusing to provide me with the children’s residence, their education, and medical information.  2) Stopped visits without a court order.
Nov. 2012 I brought the matter before Dirk with a detailed description of how Jason violated all of the orders.  Dirk imposed no consequences on Jason. Instead stated all the previous orders remain in effect. Dirk did not enforce orders nor did he reprimand Jason for outright disobeying the court orders.
Again Jason violated all of the court orders commissioner Dirk Amara ordered.
Due to the previous incidents in which Dirk did not impose nor force orders on Jason. I waited a while before filing papers again. (The children suffer from alienation, I was hoping that the father and step-mother would stop their campaign if I stopped involving the courts.)
June 2015 Jason violated all of Dirks orders as well as violated California Penal Code 278.5 By denying me my lawful right to visitation. Dirk did not enforce orders nor acknowledge the fact that Jason has violated court orders and broke the law instead Dirk ordered that I and Jason go to co-parenting. I only agreed because Dirk said the words. “Visits with the kids.” However I left that hearing realizing the only visits that he set up were a thousand dollars’ worth of co-parenting sessions with Jason.  My visits with my children have been stopped until I COMPLETE THESE SESSIONS WITH Jason. Meanwhile he gets the kids full time.
I filed for an ex-parte and requested that Jason followed the previous orders and give me back my visits. The order was denied by a different Judge who set it up for trial.
I then hire an investigator to find my children. When I do I went to follow the children to where I thought would be school so that I could get their school records. The girls Alyssa (17) 12th grade and Jasmine (13) 9th grade did not go to school in fact they were speeding up to 85 miles an hour up to Truckee. I was shocked when they arrived at their destination and their step-mother Lovina sister and her two year old son in the car. I notified CHP and CPS.
I was able to get some of Alyssa’s records to learn that the three years she been in high school has already attended four different high schools for no reason.
The review hearing on Aug. 31, 2015 regarding Amaras orders could not have been more shocking. Dirk stated that he made specific orders and that I am to follow them or I will not be allowed to see my kids. I explained to him that if he just made Jason follow court orders we would not need co-parenting session. I said I would rather spend the money on reunification with Alyssa. Dirk told me to call Jason and try and work it out with him, I stated the girls were not in school as Jason stated at the last hearing under oath that the girls would be going to Rocklin High. Dirk Amaras response was “You follow my specific court orders or you don’t see your children. Final. I am vacating the trial.” He did not care that Jason lied under oath regarding the girls being enrolled in Rocklin high. But reprimanded me again about following his court orders. When I asked him why doesn’t Jason have to follow court orders and I do. Dirks response was “We are dealing with you Ms. Robinson. You need to follow my court orders.” I told him that if the orders we followed and enforced for Jason we would not be in court today. Rather reprimanded me over and over again regarding following his court orders
Dirk also brings up past problems that I have had. But if I bring up the past as far as Jason breaking my ribs, causing parental alienation his responds is  “That’s the past. We are dealing with today. “Then will turn around and say that I alienated the girls eight years ago. Contradicting himself over and over again.  In fact the woman in front of Dirk Amara on August 31, 2015. (I believe it was a secretary) Shook her head while Dirk Amara was doing all this. I am not sure who she was but, upon investigating I ask that you get a statement from her.
These kids are changing schools left and right and have shown signs of sexual abuse, brainwashing and parental alienation syndrome. Their step-mother has masters in child psychology and has brainwashed the kids even more so then Jason. California family courts allow this.
I understand you hear things like this a lot. But I will make it very clear this complaint will not stop here. I am taking this to the White House, Congress men and Assembly Men, The Supreme Court, Media and more until Dirk Amara is off the bench. He is ruining children’s-Families lives.  Please investigate Dirk Amara of Placer County.
Below I have provided the information needed to start the investigation:
· the name of the judge, court commissioner or referee.
· The court in which the judicial officer sits.